Conveying Messages through “body talk” - 1

There are several ways by which people convey messages without the use of words, or through silent "body talk.” They are described below.
♦ Facial Expressions. These are movements of the parts of the face, such as the mouth, eyes and eyebrows. A smile, a frown and a grimace are all facial expressions. Can you think of other expressions?


♦ Posture.  This is how a person holds up his body. A posture may be erect,bent, slouching, etc. A relaxed posture can mean that the person is also relaxed or at ease. A rigid posture tells us that the person may be tense, nervous or alert.


♦ Gesture. This refers to the movements of the hands or parts of the body other than the face. When you wave your hands or nod your head, you are gesturing.


♦ Spacing. This is the distance between people. Close friends tend to stand or sit close to one another while talking. Strangers tend to stay farther apart.

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