Imagine how life would be if we were unable to express ourselves. Communication is a very important part of a person's existence. It is through communication that people convey their ideas, feelings, thoughts, dreams and aspirations. However, this is not enough. It helps that you know a lot of words, you have a good speaking voice, you can easily adjust to people or that you are pleasant looking. The way we express ourselves reflects on how we perceive ourselves, in relation to others and our environment.
This module is about effective communication, its importance and its impact on your daily life. A person who knows how to communicate effectively has generally better employment opportunities as well as deeper and more meaningful relationships compared to someone who is unable to communicate effectively. In this day and age, being an effective communicator is definitely an advantage.

This module is divided into three lessons:
Lesson 1 -- Paraphrase and Understand
Lesson 2 -- Observe and Interpret

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